Welcome to the Lowdown on Long John Silver’s Gig

Hey there, seafood enthusiasts! Ever thought about diving into the world of crispy fish and golden fries? Well, buckle up because I’m about to spill the beans on working at Long John Silver’s. No need for fancy jargon, just real talk. Let’s dig in!

The Scoop on Long John Silver’s

So, picture this: 1969, Lexington, Kentucky. That’s when the first Long John Silver’s joint, aka Cape Codder, hit the scene. Fast forward, and now we’re talking over 8000 employees worldwide, dishing out seafood goodness. Yeah, we had our bumps in ’98, but we surfed through and landed under Yum Brands Inc. They threw some cash our way, and we bounced back, baby!

The Job Deets

Minimum Age Shenanigans

To jump on the Long John Silver’s bandwagon, you gotta be sweet 16. It’s like the golden ticket, but for seafood gigs.

Hours – The Real Deal

When are we hustling? Well, Sunday to Thursday, it’s 10:30 am to 10:00 pm. Fridays and Saturdays, we roll till 11:00 pm. Yeah, we’re night owls.

Rookie Moves – Entry-Level Hustles

The Cashier Tango

Starting at the bottom with the cold, hard cash. If you can handle orders, cash, and keep it clean, we want you. It’s all about the friendly vibes, folks. Minimum wage at first, but show us what you got, and that payday’s gonna ride the rollercoaster up.

Team Player Vibes

Team members, you’re our kitchen heroes. Cook, clean, stay organized – the usual drill. Eight bucks an hour, but as you ride the experience wave, that number’s gonna catch a swell.

Boss Moves – Managerial Rodeo

Managers, oh boy. Overseeing the troops, managing schedules, and connecting with HQ. Payday? Somewhere between $40k and $50k a year. Team leaders, you’re in the $8-9 per hour club. Not bad for calling the shots, huh?

Landing the Gig – Tips and Tricks

When you wanna join the seafood circus, here’s the lowdown:

  • Hunt for gigs based on location.
  • Swing by the joint and check for openings.
  • Show that passion, like you’re proposing to seafood or something. We love that stuff.
  • Long John Silver’s secret sauce? It’s all about making customers feel like royalty. Share stories of your customer love affairs. It’s not about the fish; it’s about the smiles.

Game Plan for the Job Hunt

Before you hit ‘apply’, let’s get tactical. Ever Googled someone before a date? Well, treat Long John Silver’s like your hot date. Research their history, what they dig, and why they’re the catch of the day.

Resume Swag – Let’s Make it Sizzle

Your resume is your hero in this story. Make it pop, my friend. Imagine it’s the hero entering a blockbuster movie. I’m talking bold fonts, bullet points, and a storyline that screams, “I’m the one you’re looking for.”

Team Power – We’re All in this Together

Teamwork makes the dream work, right? Long John Silver’s swears by it. Show off your team player spirit. Share stories of victory and camaraderie. They wanna know you can ride the waves together.

Sweet Talk with a Cover Letter

Imagine the cover letter is your opening line in a killer pickup. Make it smooth, make it sweet. Let Long John Silver’s know you’re not just another fish in the sea. Get personal, throw in some charm, and let them know you mean business.

Sweet Perks of the Sea Life

Why Long John Silver’s, you ask? Well, we got more than just fish and fries:

  • Get some cold, hard cash during training and holidays.
  • Dive into meal discounts.
  • Health retirement plans for the wise ones.

Random Stuff You Should Know

We’re all about healthy bites – lots of meals under 600 calories. And if you’re eyeing those big shot titles like assistant manager or manager, we got that too.

Employee Benefits at Long John Silver’s

Benefit/Perk Description Source
1. Food/Meal Discounts Discounts on meals at Long John Silver’s. Payscale
2. Flexible Schedule Options for a flexible work schedule. Glassdoor, Payscale
3. Paid Holidays/Vacation Paid time off for holidays and vacation. Payscale
4. Free Drinks/Coke/Juice/Water Complimentary beverages during shifts. Payscale
5. Advancement Opportunities Opportunities for career growth and advancement. Jobzmall
6. Competitive Wages Competitive salaries as part of the benefits package. Jobzmall


  1. Where to find Long John Silver jobs: Visit Indeed or Long John Silver’s official job portal.
  2. What the jobs pay: Salaries vary; for instance, crew supervisors earn around $25,000 per year, and directors of marketing can earn up to $119,585 per year. Detailed information can be found on Indeed – Long John Silvers Salaries and Payscale.
  3. Similar Jobs: Positions similar to crew members are available; explore opportunities on ZipRecruiter.
  4. Application Process Online and In Person: Apply online through the official Long John Silver’s job portal. For additional insights, check Indeed – Long John Silvers Careers.
  5. Common Positions and Pay: Positions range from crew members to directors with varying salaries. Specifics can be found on Indeed – Long John Silvers Salaries and Payscale.
  6. Link to the Application Online: Apply online through Long John Silver’s official job portal.

Wrapping it Up

So, that’s the whole shebang – from job perks to secret handshakes (just kidding). If you’re thinking about joining the Long John Silver’s fam, dive in. It’s not just a job; it’s a seafood adventure. See you in the crispy, golden sea!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a seafood expert to join Long John Silver’s?

Nah, not really. They love passion, so if you’re excited about seafood, you’re good to go. No need to be a marine biologist.

How long until I hear back after applying?

Hang tight, friend. It might take a few weeks. If the wait is killing you, a gentle follow-up won’t hurt. Just keep it cool.

What’s Long John Silver’s vibe, and why does it matter?

It’s like a seafood fiesta, and they want you to bring the party. Show them you’re ready for a good time – crispy fish and all.

Can I work part-time at Long John Silver’s?

Absolutely! Whether you’re diving in full-time or just wanna dip your toes part-time, let them know your flavor in the application.

How do I prepare for a Long John Silver’s interview?

Think of it like prepping for a hot date. Research, dress to impress, and let your passion for seafood shine. They wanna see the real you.

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