Noodles & Company – Job Huntin’ Guide

Let’s Unveil the Noodles and Company Scene

Hey there, job hunter! So, you’re eyeing a gig at Noodles and Company, huh? Well, buckle up because this is more than just a job; it’s a whole culinary adventure spread across 300 spots in the good ol’ USA. They’re the wizards of noodles, soups, and salads from every nook and cranny of the world. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, they’ve got a spot for you.


Alright, fam, here’s the lowdown. Noodles & Company ain’t just about slurpin’ noodles; it’s a whole vibe. We’re talkin’ about a workplace that feels like family, where everyone’s got each other’s back. If you’re all about being more than just a noodle slinger, you’re in the right place.

Why Choose Noodles & Company?

I get it; you’re wonderin’, “Why should I join this noodle party?” Well, let me spill the beans. We’re not just about the food; we’re about the peeps. Values, diversity, and a career that’s more than just a 9-to-5? Yeah, we got that.

Let’s Dish Out the Deets on Working at Noodles and Company

First off, you gotta be sweet sixteen to jump on this noodle train. If you’re still juggling college, no stress – they’re dishing out part-time gigs that can flex with your schedule. The doors swing open from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm, Sunday to Wednesday, and stretch to 10:00 pm on Thursday to Saturday. Talk about working around your life, huh?

More than Just a Paycheck…

Hold onto your noodles; there’s more to this tale. Noodles and Company isn’t just an American affair; they’ve got joints in places like Bangkok, Thailand. Picture this – you, slurping noodles abroad, raking in that green, and picking up some wicked skills. It’s not just a job; it’s a passport to a global noodle odyssey.

The Noodles and Company Job Buffet

Alright, let’s get real about the jobs they’re throwing on the table:

Culinary Team Member

Starting from the bottom, we’re talking basic food prep and keeping the joint spick and span. Learn the menu, ace food hygiene, and you could be pocketing up to 10 bucks an hour. Cha-ching!

Guest Service Team Member

If you’re the friendly type, this gig is your jam. Greet, take orders, serve up goodness, and handle payments – all in a day’s work. It’s part-time magic, paying around 9 bucks an hour.


Now, if you’re eyeing the big chair, Noodles and Company has management spots from shift leaders to big bosses. Get ready for some serious training. Shift leaders cash in around 12 bucks an hour, climbing up to 30K for assistant managers and 40K for the bigwig general managers. Hello, big leagues!

Director of Marketing Technology

Feeling the need for some high-stakes action? This role demands at least seven years in the game. You’ll be the maestro behind boosting sales and leveling up the whole show. The paycheck? Somewhere between 125K and 150K a year. Cold, hard cash, baby!

Training Specialist

For the brains of the operation, we’re talking collaborating on training strategies, creating cool training videos, and pulling in around 46K to 60K a year. Not too shabby, right?

Job Positions, Pay Rates, and Job Descriptions at Noodles & Company

Job Position Pay Rate Job Description
1. Cook $12 – $15/hour Prepares and cooks menu items, maintains cleanliness
2. Server $10 – $12/hour Takes customer orders, serves food, ensures satisfaction
3. Cashier $10 – $12/hour Handles transactions, provides excellent customer service
4. Shift Manager $15 – $18/hour Manages daily operations, supervises staff, ensures efficiency
5. Dishwasher $10 – $12/hour Washes dishes, maintains kitchen cleanliness

Note: Pay rates are approximate and may vary based on location and experience.

Extra Perks for Riding the Noodles Wave

Noodles and Company isn’t tight-fisted with the good stuff. They appreciate the grind with paid time off, meal discounts, health and fitness perks. Full-timers score medical insurance, retirement plans, and special bonuses. It’s a sweet deal for riding the noodle wave.

Navigating the Online Application System

Now, let’s talk about the online hustle. Applying online is smoother than twirlin’ a fork in your fave pasta. Check out our guide in the article to make sure you don’t get lost in the noodle sauce. Wanna apply? Hit up Noodles & Company’s careers page.

Pro Tips for Sealing the Deal

Before you dive in, here are some street-smart moves:

  • Set up an online profile – toss in your resume, cover letter, and show off those special skills.
  • Confidence is your wingman. Even if you’re a greenhorn, show ’em you’re ready to soak up new skills like a sponge.
  • Be flexible with your hours. They dig that.

Interview Process

Picture this: you, rockin’ the interview like a noodle superstar. We got the deets on what to expect and some common questions that might come your way.


Stage Description
1. The Initial Chat Casual convo to know you better. Showcase your personality and why you’re excited to join.
2. Skill Showdown Demonstrate your skills—could be an assessment or scenario questions. No noodle Olympics, just aligning skills with the role.
3. Team Huddle Meet potential teammates or managers. Gauge team vibes and cultural fit.
4. Q&A Marathon Ask us anything. We’ll share the real deal about working here. Be ready for some curveball questions.
5. The Wrap-Up Discuss next steps and timelines. Final slurp before what’s next.

Tip: Be Authentic! Show us your passion, ability to handle the heat, and why you’d be a fantastic addition to our noodle-loving crew. Bring your A-game, and let’s make this interview as satisfying as a perfect bowl of noodles!

Where to Find Jobs at Noodles & Company

Wonderin’ where to start? Hit up Noodles & Company’s careers page. Also, peep Indeed for the inside scoop on positions, salaries, and whatnot.

Beyond Noodles: More Foodie Adventures

If you’re a foodie on the prowl, check out BJs Restaurant Brewhouse, Krystal, Jacks Family, Moes Southwest Grill, El Pollo Loco, and Yard House for 2023.


For the nitty-gritty on specific gigs, dive into detailed job descriptions for Restaurant General Manager, Guest Service Representative, Food Runner, Hostess, Server, Chef, Barista, and Bar Manager.

And for the noodle maniacs out there:

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Application Process: Online and In-Person

Feelin’ lost in the digital noodle world? Our article breaks down the online hustle. Get the lowdown on Noodles and Company Application Online.

Common Positions and Pay at Noodles & Company

Positions and pay, huh? Dive into the article for the juicy details on roles from noodle rookie to big shot boss.

Link to Online Application

Ready to take the plunge? Hit up Noodles & Company’s careers page to start the application fiesta.

Wrapping it Up: Your Noodle Adventure Awaits!

Oh, and one last thing – if you get the call for an interview, show up hungry. Why? ‘Cause Noodles and Company has this cool policy where they dish out pasta, noodles, soup, or salad to interviewees. It’s a post-interview feast for everyone aiming for an in-restaurant spot. Entry-level interviews are chill, about 30 minutes. The big shots? They might grill you for an hour or more. Who knows, you might even score a second or third round. Good luck, noodle hunter!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does the Noodles and Company application process take?

It’s like a mystery box; timelines vary, but you should hear from us within a few weeks.

What qualities does Noodles and Company look for in applicants?

We dig enthusiasm, teamwork vibes, and that customer-centric mindset. Bring your A-game!

Are there opportunities for career growth within the company?

Heck yeah! We love internal promotions and have cool training programs for your career journey.

Do I need restaurant experience to apply for a position at Noodles and Company?

Experience is cool, but we’re open to all backgrounds. Your passion and eagerness to learn? That’s the secret sauce.

What makes Noodles and Company’s work culture unique?

It’s like a blend of professionalism and good vibes. Our peeps describe it as a mix of chill and hustle. Huh, cool huh?

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